Flow cells

When stability and reliability are vital

We design and manufacture flow cells: specialised pipe spools equipped with nozzles. These flow cells enable the installation of ultrasonic flow metering devices into piping.

Up to 3m in diameter

Our flow cells are entirely tailor-made: you provide the specs, and we deliver accordingly. We can also advise on the optimal design code or choice of material for your process.

The larger the diameter, the harder it is to accurately weld the nozzles onto the pipe spool. Having mastered an exceedingly high level of precision, our engineers manufacture flow cells with a diameter of up to 3 metres. 

In numerous materials and design codes

In addition, we are certified to work with a wide array of materials and hold many international design codes. Materials include duplex steel, nickel alloys and titanium; among our design codes are ASME, EN 13445 and PED.

As a result, we serve clients worldwide in various businesses. Regardless of their requests, we always ensure long-term flow cell stability and optimal reliability.

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