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Craftsmanship and reliability

Founded in 1912 in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, Kooiman Apparatenbouw has a long history in the manufacturing of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and flow cells. Keeping pace with the latest technologies, we effectively face the challenges of constantly changing industry needs.

Complex materials and techniques

For instance, we are well-versed in working with complex materials, ranging from plain low carbon to high alloy steels. In addition, we are proficient in many specialised techniques. For example, we perform hydrotests up to exceedingly high pressures and carry out non-destructive inspections in our x-ray bunker.

Continuity and synergy

But there was one industry need we could not meet – until we became part of Rootselaar Group in 2017. Backed by the Group´s scale, we now provide the continuity and stability our clients seek.

And that’s not the only benefit of our Group membership. By adding the Group´s production facilities to our own, we have optimised our flexibility. By combining our library with that of engineering firm Hadetec, we can both take on a wider range of projects. And all Rootselaar companies benefit from the regular exchange of expertise.

Consistently high quality

We value open communication, fairness and fun. In addition, we consistently deliver high quality. We don’t just carry out projects but advise when we think designs can be optimised or costs cut. Add to that our team of trusted professionals, most of whom have been employed for numerous years, and our clients know that when they entrust us with a project, things will turn out well.

Hence, we provide craftsmanship and reliability for clients worldwide.

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